After school fun

February 19, 2020

So I need to blog more. And I need to be more wordy in my blogging. Ugh. I'd rather just say it all with photos, but here we go anyway. When the kids come home from school each day there is usually an activity (horses, basketball, piano, etc) but sometimes we are lucky enough to just have chores and playtime. The weather is awesome right now...not quite pool weather yet, but great for riding bikes and playing either out front or out back. Usually there is at least a neighbor or two who is looking for company as well. While Darius is at piano (and really every chance she gets) Raina likes to put on her headphones and an old broken mp3 player (it only plays the 1st 10 seconds of each song) and make a huge mess in the backyard with Marvel. When Darius gets home we usually move it to the front and meet up with neighbors till it's time for me to go in and make dinner. So yesterday was one of these days but we added in a Kiwi crate robot that Aunty Brooke got for Darius for Christmas.