Summer Adventure

July 16, 2019

We took off this weekend to explore around Cottonwood and Jerome while celebrating our 9th anniversary and to show Bean a great time as she nears the end of her wonderful little life. (We have discussed this at length with the kids and when Bean stumbled into the river (see photos), Raina thought that was the end and she was so very upset about it...thus all the terrified faces towards the end of the photos).

We had a great time relaxing, swimming, exploring, and kayaking. We had never been to Jerome before and it's one of my new favorite places! What a cool town. 

We also went to Out Of Africa (Bean stayed at the cabin) and had an amazing time there. 

In our first 5 hours at the cabin we encountered a cardinal, a rattlesnake (like up close and personal...there's video on one of our phones but no photos), and a skunk. The skunk returned nightly and really just kind of hung out with us.