Europe Summer 2018 Part 4

July 16, 2018

More days in the park and evenings in the square.

When you spend your days collecting sticks and naming them and coming up with games to play with them, and building homes for your bugs with them, you need a place to hide them overnight. This was our spot. But don't tell Darius I made the spot public. 

More treats!

More bugs. 

More bubbles. 

This was "the fort". I am pretty sure homeless people used it for shelter at night, but by day the kids made it their little house. 

Another bug house. 

That's Spilberk Castle on the hill. 

Darius loved these statues.

On this day at the park, another boy had accidentally left his shovels behind. His mom did come to retrieve them, but Darius and Raina played with them while they could. 

This is a clock in the middle of the square in Brno. It does not look like a clock and it spits out a little glass ball every day at 11am. You have to stick your arm in to get it and there are usually people standing there as early as 930am to stick their hands in and wait. We attempted it one day but, much to the dismay of the kids, we were not the lucky ones (there are multiple holes it could emerge from). Djavad better get one before her comes home...HAHA! The story of the clock is pretty cool. It has something to do with the war and how the people of Brno outsmarted the Swedes. 

There was a glass elevator that went one floor down to breakfast each day and I let the kids ride it themselves. It was a big deal when Darius wasn't with us at breakfast one day and she got to do it all by herself. 

Another spot that I toured while Djavad had the kids. Petrov. It was super creepy in the belltower and the stairs gave me vertigo but it's so beautiful!

More from around Brno.