Europe Summer 2018 Part 2

July 16, 2018

After a fun train ride we got to Brno, where we would spend the bulk of our time wandering around, jumping, cartwheeling, chasing birds, and collecting stuff. 

The first of many trips to the Cabbage Market (farmer's market with a cool history and a literal labrynth - that I got to tour - underneath it).

The kids did eat some McDonald's...(well they played with the toys and picked at the food anyway)

Thanks for grabbing my camera Djavad. 

Brno has some cool stuff happening underground. This is the old mint. 

I decided to buy sketchbooks and some pastels to occupy some of the time. This was a frequent activity while Djavad was flying. I am in some of the photos, thanks to my interval timer.

Spilberk Castle and the Casements below it (dungeons...). Djavad and the kids left me at some point down there and I ran like hell to get out. Freaked me right out.

This is in Spilberk Park, which was across the street from where we stayed (castle at the top of the hill). We spent most days in this park at the playgrounds, picnicking, collecting sticks and bugs and wandering around. 

I loved all the doors. More from around Brno...

Raina REALLY loved the street musicians. 

The Cabbage Market.