Europe Summer 2018 Part 1

July 16, 2018

Djavad's job landed him (and us) in the Czech Republic this summer. He's there for 3 to 4 months and, between the move and school and everything, we were able to join him for about 3 weeks. I can't list everything that I loved about it because there is just so much...but here are a few things: 1. Getting to see Djavad every day. 2. Getting to meet some of his co-workers. 3. Getting to go to Europe with the kids (DUH!) 4. Getting to travel a bit but also getting to stay in one place long enough to really get a feel for it. 5. Appreciating Europe's appreciation for JUST sitting, having a drink, and watching the world. 6. Appreciating Europe's appreciation for coffee and beer. 7. The architecture. 8. The history. 9. Watching the kids entertain themselves without their toys.  10. Consuming some wheat without consequence. 11.  The farmer's market withing walking distance. 12. I have to be honest...not doing laundry or making breakfast or cleaning for 3 whole weeks. 

Here are some photos of our adventures. I do regret not bringing a wider summer I'll remember.

This post, part 1, is the first few days in Prague.

Here the kids are killing our Madrid layover with their brand-spankin' new tablets that I gave to them after we were airborne out of Phoenix. I seriously thought Darius was going to cry with joy when I handed it to him.


we are at Prague Castle! Djavad took the kids to a park while I toured the castle, thus the many photos of armor and the toilet (to show Darius).

Raina wanted a turn with the camera. 

Lots of photos at cafes and of the kids eating and drinking. They got a LOT of treats. 

Bubbles, so many bubbles. This is right as those two blondies plowed into Raina. The bubble guy had words for them but I didn't understand them (HA!).

Bubbles, bugs, and sticks were the Mostofizadeh toys of Europe 2018. They caught at least 5 of these little guys a day. 

Another thing I loved about being there: The parks have things like zip lines and other things that would just never fly in the US.