Hiking at Lake Mead

March 04, 2017

What an awesome hike! The kids totally powered through about 4.5 miles with me (according to my FitBit anyway). They were EXHAUSTED at the end. I carried Raina for maybe 2/10 of a mile or so after she scraped her knee but other than that they really held their own. What a gorgeous view!

collecting rocks

watching (so many) helicopters

taking a break

calling daddy on her phone (broken kitchen timer)

Lake Mead

the tunnels (1 & 2)

he got a little scared of the darkness

"mama, you pick me up now?"

inside the tunnels

"a real live avalanche!?!?"

moments before she took a spill and scraped her knees all up

Clark Griswold.

"mom! i see our car!"