Joy's Birthday Weekend With Us

February 28, 2017

My beautiful mother turned 70 yesterday. She flew out to Vegas...because where else do you go for a 70th birthday party?...well, and to see us. Here are some highlights of the weekend including School of Rock, which mom did not attend because she was running around with her best buddy, Raina, instead:


At the Springs Preserve:

This was Darius's birthday present to Joy. 
We borrowed "The Darn Squirrels" from the library and it reminded Darius of Joy. So he wanted to get it for her. Instead, we bought it for the Littleton Library with her name inside.  It's a super book.

Just ask Raina how SUPER the book is...

At Bass Pro Shops. Mom won't ever turn down a trip to that place. And well, neither will the kids. They LOVE the mermaid.

And Chipotle for lunch: 

(Holy crap. He's smiling and he's smiling genuinely.) 

Just one guess what she is saying here...

Bean stunk. They all stunk. I stink. Busy weekend.

School of ROCK:

And more of "Those Darn Squirrels"