Moore Sneak Peek

May 10, 2016

I first met Michiel...I don't know when...but he's my cousin and although we grew up on different coasts, his dad and my mom are kinda like the same person when you see them walk and hear them laugh. My earliest memory of him is when he taught my little brother how to spit out the back of our red Chevy Blazer...or maybe it was his dad's red Montana in the mid-80s. I think they both had obnoxiously colored Jams shorts on and they were probably about 6 and 7 or so, maybe younger.

I first met Claire a few years back in Montana at our most recent family reunion. I was 9 months pregnant at the time and made the drive with my sister and my oldest from Las I remember her being gorgeous and I remember that I liked her but I was pretty busy just staying upright at that point. But my sister never stopped talking about how awesome Michiel's girlfriend was on the drive back south. And she was right. Claire is awesome.

Michiel and Claire are a perfect match. They are both so HAPPY and such a pleasure to just be around.

You can see it in their wedding day photos.

The most important thing to them on this day was family and celebrating their heritage and the people who made them as wonderful as they are. They got married at the Olson Mansion in Maple Valley, WA and it was so pretty out there!

(Oh and by the way...those bridesmaids dresses!...I want them all!)

Enjoy these sneak peeks!