Saying goodbye to Piper

April 02, 2016

I was not a "dog person" until I met Piper. I had dogs growing up but I didn't really have any connection to them. One of them actually bit my face.

My friend Zanna had a dog she loved named Shortstuff and I couldn't stand that dog. She always wanted to play with him instead of me when I was at her house.

I met Piper in 2003 when she was just under a year old. She belonged to my handsome flight instructor, Djavad, who I later married. He would bring her to the airport with him and in a effort to win him over, I would often offer to take her home with me for the day while he worked. I was usually his first flight of the day at 5am. So after my flight I would bring her home with me, study all morning with her curled up next to me, and then take her to the dog park. And then when Djavad would come to get her after work I would invite him to stay for dinner. I fell in love with her and I fell in love with dogs (and Djavad).

Piper survived several moves with us: across Tucson, to Vegas, across Vegas, to Florida. When we left Florida, we brought her to the farm in NJ to stay for a month or so while we got everything moved and situated. This because Darius was going to ride in the moving truck this time and there wouldn't be room for him, Djavad, and the two dogs. So Djavad brought her up in his car a month before the move. Well, she liked lounging by the fire with Pop Pop so much, that she stayed there for the past year.

Piper was with us through the start of our relationship, bringing home Bean, fostering dogs, countless roommates, our marriage, and the births of both children. She was my faithful companion as I lay in bed for 3 months on bedrest while pregnant with Darius. She was gentle and kind, beautiful and smart (I've been known to refer to her as smarter than me). She was deathly afraid of fireworks, soda machines, balloons, yoga balls, and pretty much all things plastic. She loved to run and she loved to sunbathe. She collected friends everywhere we went.

Pop Pop called me Easter weekend to let me know that Piper was not well. Djavad was in South America and we were at Sue's house in Rhode Island. The kids and I left Sue's house on Easter to go be with Piper. She really was not well. She was having seizures and had bed sores. She wasn't very responsive at all but she spent a few days in the dog hospital on fluids and antibiotics. Djavad arrived on Tuesday. None of this helped however so we let her go on Thursday afternoon.

Here's a hodgepodge of photos from her awesome life with us. Some are cell phone, some are film, some are mine, and some I don't even know who took them. There are countless more prints that I would love to scan and include, but they are in storage with everything else!