Steve & Lindsay

November 06, 2016

Steve and Lindsay in North Carolina. 

I met them in Las Vegas and we all worked together at Sky Combat Ace back before Djavad and I had kids. Steve and Djavad were like kids in a candy store with the Extras; always analyzing and coming up with different maneuvers to try with the planes. 

I am so glad that they asked me to come shoot their wedding. What a day, what a fun fun fun day....and NICE...everyone there was SO NICE. I have never been asked so many times by wedding guests how I was doing throughout the night; if I needed anything, if I was having a good time, did i want some water?...did I get enough to eat...? And how about me falling off a chair...nearly dying from laughter, really really hoping that nobody saw, and being rescued by the officiant and his wife (my foot was stuck). 

And the band...holy cow, the band. (The Free * * out of Atlanta) 

The flowers, to die for...Steve's mom & her friend Tina, a bridesmaid and G.R.I.T.S & Glitter (party stylists out of High Point, NC)

The venue...oh the venue. It was amazing, perfect. L'Abri at Linwood

The details! The games! The bonfire! The fact that the dancefloor was NEVER empty!

I was overwhelmed with awesome-ness that day. So much goodness all in one spot. 

Here's to many many years of happiness, Steve & LIndsay.  

And a few of my first glance favorites from the day...