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Europe Summer 2018 Part 7

July 16, 2018

Djavad finally got some time off and we went to Vienna for the day. 

Darius had a kinda wiggly tooth when we left the states. He was biting a water bottle on the train and wiggled that thing to full-on-loose. These were the only tears. So, he lost his official first tooth in Vienna. (He did lose the one next to it when he was 7months old...he knocked it out while cruising around the laundry basket.)

Due to the spontaneous nature of the Vienna trip we hopped on a double decker tour bus and got a overview of things to stop and see next time. 

Not only did he lost a tooth in Vienna, we discovered his first gray hair. 

See all those people back there? They are ALL looking down at their phones. There were HUNDREDS of people at this park on their phones. We couldn't figure it out at first but it turned out they were all playing Pokemon Go...something about a Squirtle or something hiding in the park. Anyway, Darius was excited and got to play a bit. 

We happened upon the Riesenrad and adventured around there for the better part of the day. My legs are still bruised from the bumper cars and I might be suffering from a bit of whiplash. 

Again, my awesome husband took the kids so I could explore a bit (faster) on my own in Vienna. Nothing was open by the time I got to it, but it was gorgeous anyway. 

When I met up with Djavad and the kids after exploring they were at a cafe wiggling the tooth. And that's where Darius finally pulled it out. Lucky for him, the tooth fairy had a little foresight and packed a silver dollar. 

This skips ahead a few days, but here are the kids in London...so excited to ride in a 747. 

Europe Summer 2018 Part 6

July 16, 2018

It rained a bunch when we were there and the kids made a not-so-fun little game of fighting over the umbrella. 

Another zipline!

I didn't read much about this statue but it sure was cool!

You can see Darius's eye but can you see the bug he put in there? He thought the bug might like a new house.

The interval timer strikes again!

More treasures!

This little pony and his buddy were often tied to a tree in the park just grazing...cheap lawn mowers? I don't know but Raina loved them. 

Here we are saying goodbye to the fort and to the sticks. 

So, with Djavad being in Europe so much this year he is going to miss some events including Raina's birthday and his own birthday. So, we had a little joint party at our (my?) favorite place to eat. I snuck off to buy some candles and the store only had a 7 candle...Raina will be 5 and Djavad will not be 7 or even 27 or 37 or 47. It worked though. 

Europe Summer 2018 Part 5

July 16, 2018

This was all one crazy day or exploring, being tourists, and lots and lots of walking. First, we went to the Brno Zoo. It was awesome. The bear cub got super friendly with Raina and the kids got cotton candy.

After the zoo we walked to the reservoir and took a water taxi to Veveri Castle. I was bummed that it was closing as we arrived but hopefully I will get to see it next year. Regardless, the whole day was incredible...and I think I got like 27,000 steps that day on my FitBit. 

Their little legs earned these treats after the zoo and castle day!